Evolution of online dating

"In the US, men would ask for dates, which was refreshing…In Ireland, a man would never ask you out; relationships began with a drunken fumble and, if he called, you were most likely 'going out', but it was never discussed, and barely acknowledged.

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"To have a young, pimply man come to the front door with hot, sweaty hands...

it was totally off-putting for him, and it was off-putting for me too." In later years, Rosemary remembers going out with "this gorgeous young man" without her brother in tow.

"I should have been home at 10pm and I eventually arrived home at 11.15pm to find my mother, father, aunt, brother and a Garda outside the front door.

"Please tell me what people mean when they talk of a trial marriage," asks a reader.

"Trial marriage means trying out sexual relations before marriage," explains Angela.

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