The dating guy s2e01

The waiter repeatedly gives Dale a thumbs up before he leaves the room without calling the doctor and after hanging up the phone.The Great Northern Waiter is tied closely to Cooper’s second visitor, The Giant.

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By the end of the first scene, a mysterious giant takes Dale Cooper’s ring and will return it when Cooper understands the giant’s clues.

The recurring stop light is three circles on top of each other. The circle is a loop where each new step is a step that’s been taken before; the stories of is about the cycles of trauma that perpetuates itself in a continuous fashion.

Sometimes these cycles are natural and intuitive (Laura’s trauma was thrust upon her, changing her forever from the inside) while others are forced and automatic (Josie didn’t need to kill Andrew, which forced Catherine to seek vengeance).

“Cities with the more single men to single women ratios tended to be on the West Coast rather than the East Coast.

Specifically the San Francisco Bay Area—which has some of the highest single men to single women ratios,” writes Trulia’s Mark Uh.

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