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Travelers carrying undeclared prohibited items will be fined on the spot.Articles from Vietnam, North Korea, Kampuchea or Cuba, illegal publications, lottery tickets, chocolate liqueurs or pre-Columbian artifacts may not be brought into the country.Shipping Vehicles from/to Puerto Rico Learning how to transport your vehicle is one of the most common topics discussed when moving to or from Puerto Rico. Suite 101 Coral Gables, FL 33134 (305) 445-9112 / (800) 815-7391 - Ext.10 California 3575 W.Puerto Rico has a well-developed transportation system and logistic services for shipping vehicles. Cahuenga Blvd., Suite 405 Los Angeles, CA 90068 (323) 874-5991 / (800) 874-1230 - Ext.

At the airports in Puerto Rico, your luggage will be inspected by the U. Department of Agriculture to make sure you are not carrying prohibited fruits and plants to the mainland.

Customs and Immigration There are no passports or visas necessary for United States citizens, which mean that US citizens can travel freely in and out of the island without going through immigration or customs. Potential visitors must first obtain a visa, either a non-immigrant visa for temporary stay or an immigrant visa for permanent residence.

The 90-day "visitor" visa is a non-immigrant visa to enter the United States temporarily .

Airlines and State health officials generally require health certificates for all animals transported by air.

You will be required to: 1) Outfit your pet with a sturdy collar and two identification tags.

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