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The atmosphere is very friendly and everybody has time to speak to you and you are made to feel very welcome when you go to an event There is a wide range of hulls at competitions - hand carved foam hulls, painted balsa right up to the new full carbon fiber composite hulls and a similar spread of motors and engines and the open races end with some suprizing results - there really is no substitute for skill in driving (or flying) one of these boats in a race As yet there are no noise restrictions on RC engines - it can be very load at a race meet but it does add to the fun - it has been said that if you have your fingers in your ears it stops you smoking, drinking beer and over eating.A collection of free download plans for RC powerboats including mono hulls, Tunnel Hull Hydroplanes, 3 Point Hydroplanes and Shovel Nosed Hydroplanes - more plans are added monthly.These controls are similar to the cheap Chinese Deep V boats.

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I was told I had lovely eyes, I was the most beautiful girl in the room, and was given a keyring by one guy who clearly knew what he was doing.The plan was to have 5 minutes of conversation with each person, but there were more people than expected, so we only had two.This meant that you were just getting into a conversation with someone when the bell went and they had to leave, but it did mean that the chance of having to sit in awkward silence was significantly lower. I was shown a very impressive card trick by Sam The Magician; we both signed a card, put our signed card in our mouths, Sam clicked his fingers, and the cards had switched.Entry cost £4 and all went to charity, then we went and bought a drink at the bar (Crabbie’s alcoholic ginger beer), and sat down to wait for the magic to begin.Surprisingly, there were significantly larger numbers of boys than girls, so we got to sit at a table and wait for our Prince Charming(s) to appear.

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