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The Sena Mt and House of Uepreaenta- tiues of the Confederate States of Amer- ica have signified their desire that a day may be recommended to the people to b« set apart and observed as a day of liu- miliation, lasting and prayer, in the lan- guage following, to wit "lleverently WASHINGTON AND PUOCKEDSTOTll E - FRONT. ocape mipunishc.l «c Uupc there Ijci Dcmoc.a;s cvcryv. who have been home this winter, have enlisted cnv;ngh to till up the regiment to the max- imum number allowed. 1 knew it was only a demand, and granted it ; so I only occupied two rooms, and mother kept her own room. I met the general ami told him that I, three little children and old mothor-in-law. *I hear all Meridian is t ) be burned down ; will my bouse be : burned, too? This left th.e country in the vicinity of Greenwood entirely unprotected ; Captain Forest re- ceiving orders to join the General. making their appearance witliin twelve miles of Gren- ada at one time, and four miles of Car- I rollton at another. which for some unaccountable ; John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance i Company, Boston, Mass., issues ail non-forfeit ing policies, a Hows Interest on deposits.

Roe- (j Ji Jl, (i KANT Khj Av HCi O i back gave notice that he would on the 11th ask if tlie government has remon disgrace to the upon the rcljcllion, is country, a shams and a Department which permits it, and a griev ous wrong and humiliation to the brave men who are thus shut, out of the career to which they aspire as at once the path of military glory and of patriotic duty. Sibley's command cannot for wise rea- sons of military necessity not apparent to the "casual observer," be reduced be- low its ])resent standard, there is a way PROCLAMATION BY THK PRESIDENT OF THE CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA. \ Vlo^nce Kill be mcx hj H ''^'; Oi.^" oime oi t Uis Capt. Fiom the same brave and hardy classes the recruiting oihcers. with their toluierly bearing, and the high position which they have attained in the coiifid— My school j has been closed since Christmas, because , as I understood the oath required of us. Ilav- mc for all the house room I could give thorn. He answered, 'I will take care of vou madam, as long as 1 am here." I said.

Let us recognize the sulferings which we have been called upon to en- dure as administered by a fatherly hand for our improvement, and with resolute courage and patient endurance let u? In furtherance of these objects, now therefore, I, Jefferson Davis, Presidci t in yes- terday.

^'mpowered to settle all chimd arising m honor which Minnesota has always held ' before the throne of the Mo t High, and j ^be-v..^^^^^^^^^ I while gratefully acknowledging so many 1 ""'^ i^ieiit. Minnesota cannot afford to be disso- ciated in the hour of its final triumph from that noble army in all whose heroic struggles Irom first to last it has borne a part made illustnuus to all time by the valor of her sons. FRO.n mercies, confess that our sins as a people have justly e.xposed us to his chastise- ment.

; The loss to the Government, including : buildings, is estimateurned Gorman's stone block, the stable adjoining, and one or two small buildings.

i A fire broke out in Reed & Mann's I Foundry on the Ohio Levee, consuming j two entire blocks fronting on the levee ; betwc.-en Tenth and Twelfth streets, in- : eluding Pemberly's & Woodward's Xov- ; elty Works, Quartermaster's building, • carpenter shops, and a number ot stores. k IU report »t once to the undersigned, stating Howard will occupy the greater part ol «''«' •••''■''"'"y 'hev are canvassing aud ordering .1 „ • .

The following is a digest of a crime against the Day of Fasting and Humiliation. Tll» ' steamship Olympui, which arrived here l[ -— — j to-day. } Ho MK Like Insurance Company, \ : Nkw Yo KK.oirers the most liberal advan Uges to ; ' parties desiring to ei Tect insurance. who are ile^irons of a reform in t, to select tu ».»id Convention, aiui t'T this purpose » jrd « ii! And It 14 also n-conimendcd that at the same lime the elec X)rs in each ward nomiiate iuin. Smith for Governor: Seth Padelford for Lieutenant Governor ; John R. — The committee on the conduct of the war have addressed letters to the Presi- the purpose of placing General Mc Clcl an s j _» __,i o, _„, , .,r r^ ^ , ... M., for tlie purpose of nomiiia- ling Cimilidates for Mavor and otiier City o;fl, evrs, to he voteil for at the next general City Kle Ltion, to hj held on Tnesday, April oth, Hot; auil cordially inviii- the co-operation of a!! — The Union nominations for State officers in Rhode Island are as follows : James Y. The greater portion of the pnp- erty in the lodge was saved, but in a damaged condition. The stone block was occupied on the first floor by Peter Harfffor a dwelling, and on the second floor hy the Odd Fellow's Ilall and law offices.

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