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Diamond earned his second nickname, “Clay Pigeon,” because he was shot so many times.

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If a judge needed to be bought off or a police commissioner needed a few extra bucks, Guzik would count out a couple of bills, earning him the nickname “Greasy Thumb.” However, being the man in charge of the money isn’t always a good thing.Robert De Niro played gangster Jimmy Conway in Martin Scorsese’s classic , a character inspired by real-life criminal James Burke.And while De Niro was a pretty scary bad guy, Burke was way more terrifying than any movie mobster. He was shuttled from foster home to foster home, where he suffered both physical and sexual abuse.After surviving all three attempts, Diamond started to brag, “They can’t kill Legs Diamond.” But the Clay Pigeon spoke too soon.In 1931, Diamond hijacked a liquor truck and tortured the driver.

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