Intimidating men names

Action movies know this well — no genre is more aware of the importance of connotation than the action genre. (In our estimation "John" and "Ellen" are a wash.)3. Otherwise John Mc Clane would win in a landslide.) Basically the rankings come down to this question: If you were given a card with two of these names on it and told you were going to have to fight one of them to the death, which would you pick?

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We rounded up a bunch of contenders and submitted our votes to create a top 50.

However, Galante wasn’t content just selling drugs. So the Cigar moved in on other operations, murdering anyone in his way.

Naturally, with their members dying and their profits shrinking, the other families felt Galante was out of control.

But while nicotine might have been Galante’s drug of choice, heroin was his cash cow.

During his days as a Bonanno underboss, the Cigar set up shop in Montreal, which was a key location for the French Connection, a narcotics network that smuggled heroin from France to the U. Galante became one of the Connection’s biggest buyers, and after a brief stint in prison on drug charges, Galante took over the Bonanno family and started making millions off his narcotics operation.

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