Jessica lowndes and tristan wilds dating

Debbie (Lori Loughlin) confides in Kai (guest star Greg Vaughan, "General Hospital"), her yoga instructor, about the arrival of Dixon's birthmother. Jasper passes by Annie as she goes out for a run at night.At home, Dixon tells Dana, his birth mom, that he is glad that she is there. The waitress, Chloe, recognizes Teddy and tells him long time no see.

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Navid says he wants to bring Jasper down since he got Adrianna back on drugs.The rumors will finally be put to rest in tonight’s episode, Steger says, when Navid pursues Adrianna, played by Jessica Lowndes.“I don’t know how much I can give away,” Steger adds over the phone from L. “But Navid lends Adrianna a hand and helps her out.” Steger added that today’s 8 p.m.“It’s interesting going into my mansion and playing a kid who lives a life of privilege, because it’s something I never grew up with,” he says.“It’s fun exploring his wealth, ambition and drive.” Born in Burbank, Calif., Steger was raised in Southern California with modest means.

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