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I am totally attracted to Indian girls and I am moving to Bangalore to work.I would really like to meet some Indian girls from Bangalore who would like to go out for dinner, a drink or something else..I am seeking someone I can talk to and hang out with and see what happens. I am a filmmaker and a photographer in Los Angeles.Hi I'm looking for a nice white man in his 50's must be single, good hearted, down to earth from Toronto Canada for friendship and companionship. there!(sort of like a southern Indian girl- darker than a normal Indian girl) I'm an undergraduate student in University of Colombo and lives in Colombo Sri Lanka.I've realized that I'm more in to white guys but too shy even to make eye contact with them lol.My only preference in men is exclusively Caucasian and no other race has really held my interest - I cannot give you a reason why - but I can only simply state that white skin, blond hair and coloured eyes holds a certain fascination for me and I seem to vibe with them very well too and maybe living in Europe among the Vikings :) for so long has had a great influence and added to my personal preference.So if you have the inclination then I have the time - my email is: z i v a 1 8 1 2 @ Google I'm a Indian lady 33,divorced with two kids..

Basically, I'm a mature 14 year old Indian girl from Birmingham, uk. thanks Hi , don't know if anyone will still read this. i would like to know if there is any indian girl out there who would be interested in meetin a caucasian white male. i like a smart girl, someone i can have a long conversation with. if there is one indian girl out there who would like to know about me, i would be interested in knowing more about you. as soon as you reply i've been told that i should get reply back from people who reply to me. will be looking forward to meeting a nice indian woman.Add me on whatsapp , Zero Zero Two Seven Eight One Four Six Six One One One Seven . I don't even bother or even interested in Indian men at all. well educated professional Architect in Sydney Australia. My mother form French heritage and father form USA/Irish heritage. I seek Indian /Bengali/Tamil /Paki/ Nepali woman any age or height. Polite, kind,caring & serious hit me up xox Shaniscdesign @ yahoo wa six one four zero four four five nine nine one six skype; SHEY GUYS!Indian men are well known for being rapist, treating women badly, #love-ual harassment, being creepy and desperate seeking for #love-. Go for it Indian women, don't be afraid to date outside your race. Especially like small, chubby, with wide hips, round face and pretty dark eyes.:) Shan i @ Yahoo! I JUST WANTED TO TELL THE WHITE DUDES ON THIS POST THAT DON'T STOP TRYING TO GET AN INDIAN GIRL!

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