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The former assemblyman accused her of slander, an experience that left her so humiliated that she left Sacramento for a new job in San Jose.

So far this year, 80 challengers have reported raising money across California for the 2018 midterm elections, more than triple the number who had done so at this point in the 2016 election.

Collectively, they've raised more than .9 million, and 70% of that has gone to the four Republican-held districts in Orange County that Democrats consider key to their chances.

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In the second instance, it would be an infantilizing insult to deny my responsibility for a mutual misunderstanding.Trump attacked the effort -- and Steyer -- on Twitter after the ad ran during "Fox and Friends" on Friday.Steyer's staff members said they haven't determined whether the president's tweet boosted the signature effort. Maxine Waters got a shoutout from a little girl in Oakland, with a play ona now viral incident in which Waters dismissed Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin for not answering her questions in a committee hearing and using up her allotted time.Last week, Steyer began airing an ad calling for Trump's impeachment and asking viewers to sign his petition urging Congress to do so.He has spent more than million to air the ad nationwide, including during the World Series.

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