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The concept of Living Here was first proposed by Manfred Witteman, who convinced his partner Marina Pshevecherskaya to provide ,000 of start-up capital.Citing Manfred and Marina's "incessant petty squabbles over money and title" Ames quit Living Here and began planning his own publication.Ames said, "I get the general sense that they have decided it's time to shut us down, that they're not going to tolerate us anymore." Ames claimed that The e Xile's investors were scared off, leaving the paper with no funding.

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Yet Brecher's sensibility could never be admitted either to mainstream journalism or to academic writing.

According to editor Jake Rudnitsky western reporting on Russia is often biased: "Western newspapers have an agenda, to show that everything in Russia is related to oil prices, and that Putin's this competent but quasi-fascist leader.

They don't have the freedom to go out and actually find out what's going on." Rudnitsky has also stated that the e Xile aims to give a more detailed view of Russia than is available in the western press: "We can write about things that Western journalists are too lazy or apathetic to write about..makes this country fascinating is the details, and that's something we're allowed to focus on." Similarly, Ames asserted in his article “Democracy Sucks” that “we'd be sued out of existence within a few weeks of appearing in any Western democracy, but here in Russia, in the so-called kleptocracy, the power elite has been too busy stealing and killing to give a fuck about us, allowing us to fly around the capital beneath their radar, like a cruise missile.

A lot of [Taibbi's] prose was written on smack and a lot of mine was written on speed....

We wrote a whole bunch of editorials about the size of Putin's penis.".

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