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Alas, far too many victims, pressured by financial problems, willingly step into this con man's trap.This one involves an item you might have listed for sale such as a car, truck or some other expensive item.You will never see any of the promised money because there isn’t any.And the worst thing is, this scam is not even new; its variant dates back to 1920s when it was known as ' The Spanish Prisoner' con.As for these incredible, pre-approved loans for a half-a-million dollar homes: use your common sense.These people do not know you or your credit situation, yet they are willing to offer massive credit limits.In the meantime, if an email seems suspicious to you, do not trust it.

Yet people still fall for this money transfer con game.Because it was born out of hacking techniques, “fishing” is stylistically spelled "phishing" by hackers.Tip: the beginning of the link address should have https://. If still in doubt, make a phone call to the financial institution to verify if the email is legit.Sadly, a percentage of all the recipients of their “amazing” offer will take the bait and pay the up-front fee.If only one in every thousand people falls for this scam, the scammers still win several hundred dollars.

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