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Ms Danley is believed to be an Australian citizen and previously lived on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, for more than a decade with her former husband, an Australian man, who has since passed away.

She moved to the United States 20 years ago, according to one of her former neighbors who said she is originally from the Philippines, The Herald Sun reported.

Records show that Ms Danley and Mr Paddock lived together in a three-year-old, two-bedroom home on Babbling Brook Court in the tiny desert community of Mesquite, which is 80 miles north east of Las Vegas near the Arizona state border.

Records show the property cost 6,000 (£297,554).

TMZ is reporting Farrah, 26, has requested in her rider that the club provide her with 'a pre-planned appointment with an affluent med-spa for service of 2 syringes of Sculpta facial filler'.The 62-year-old was wearing a hat and light blue jacket and was pushing a black suitcase in front of her.It is not yet clear where she was then taken or why she was in the wheelchair.It remains unclear if she had prior knowledge of the shooting, according to The New York Times.Authorities in the Philippines said that Ms Danley had been in Manilla since September 22, more than a week before the shooting.

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