Dating and seduction games

A lot of it is, is great, you know, for women as well, you know, women’s dating and a lot of it is great just in any environment, like you get a new job and you want everyone to like you. Now you’re moving into video games to reach a different audience and this is a very progressive move.

What made you want to get into video games and tackle a different realm? I liked games myself, so I’ve got my Play Station [that] I probably play a couple of hours a day, and I also like interactive learning experiences, so I saw that guys that have been watching our products, like an online video course, or come to a seminar and then if you ask them at the end, you know, give him a little quiz, sometimes they just haven’t got what happened.

I’ll have a preview up soon of the game’s opening episodes, but I largely wound up being pleasantly surprised by the game.

And then when that was done, we had a massive editing process. [So,] we have a massive translation and subtitling job. They came down and just pile up, it doesn’t make any sense, and then we have the tutorial but it still didn’t make sense either. Do you feel like you kind of have all bases covered now?

There was a lot of learning in the process and I think that if the game does well enough, I’d be in a good position to do a sequel to it that is bigger and better in every way from what I’ve learned from this. There’s auditory learning, books, seminars, so do you feel like you’re reaching out to another audience that way as well? And I’m pretty confident that the customers would like it because of that and that when a guy’s played through it all, it means that he’s been in all of these situations.

[Ones that are] similar to my background from just being shy guys that wanted to learn how to do this instead of dying lonely.

So the approach took I took, it was different from the guys that preach the, uh, there was a thing called a routine’s stack where you’d learn like the opening line, then a story about yourself.

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