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But, you know, it was hard to keep track of everything. I like challenging, tough games and I just finished is probably one of my favorites of all time. Do you feel like your product will help a lot of gamers? We like playing games, but sometimes we feel a bit guilty when we play the game a long time that our social life is suffering. So I wanted to make something that was fun but would also help people in the real world. And the demographics, I’m sure there are a lot of single guys that play games like you said. And I think one other thing that really makes the product appealing is that it’s a different way of learning. It’s not just watching a video where you can miss out on some of the tips that you’re trying to give and they don’t really sink in.That was the big challenge to get the script [right] with the whole filming process. We had power ups because I wanted it to look like a traditional game and then we did a lot of play testing and we thought it was just annoying because it’s like I don’t have time to read it because the countdowns. I mean, everybody sort of plays games now, but do you feel like there’s a good potential audience to be reached? So you kind of have that other type of learning experience.And then when that was done, we had a massive editing process. [So,] we have a massive translation and subtitling job. They came down and just pile up, it doesn’t make any sense, and then we have the tutorial but it still didn’t make sense either. Do you feel like you kind of have all bases covered now?

And it made it appeal to guys that wanted a kind of blueprint.And in terms of the guru status, I think it’s just something that comes with success and building a following.You mentioned people think about lines and one thing I found really interesting about you is you kind of go against that preconceived notion, you’re much more about natural conversation.At that time there were a lot of men who started to produce actual psychological techniques and you know, go out and do real research.Like, I’m going to try the 10 different lines and see which one women respond best to, and that was a lot of material produced at that time and talks about in forums online.

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