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Stellar: From the age of 14, Mary spent the remainder of her teenage years in the star's home in Santa Monica, California, hobnobbing with Hollywood greats.Pictured together at Fonda's 60th birthday Describing Jane’s excitement at being wooed by Turner, Mary told how she was treated to ‘a whole new world’ following their marriage.He added: 'She’s as opinionated as me, if not more.In areas like the status of women, she probably was even a little stronger than me, though I was always very much in favour of people’s rights and equal treatment for women.’‘I’ve thought many times he would love to have her back. "I’m really proud of it.” He holds out the wallet, a slender, black, rather unpretentious affair, as this reporter cranes for a closer look, neglecting to mention I’ve never seen a billionaire’s wallet before.

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By the end of their marriage in 2001 after ten years together, Mary – who came to consider Turner as her father - says: ‘While Ted was his usual upbeat self, my mom was greatly diminished physically and emotionally.‘She’d lost a lot of weight from her already tiny frame. Her marriage was eating her alive.’In 1982, the multi-millionaire actress, whom Mary came to call ‘mom’, offered her a place within her home following a rape when she was barely into her teens - and a life as far removed from her childhood on the poverty-scarred streets of East Oakland, California, than she could ever dare to dream.Turner, now 74, treated her as one of his own and even asked to walk her down the aisle following an ill-fated engagement.Despite being one of the family, however, Mary was often stopped by disbelieving black security guards at sports games at the CNN Center or Turner Field insisting on proof that she was one of the clan.From her troubled beginnings, ‘warm and engaging’ Sophia Loren was soon teaching her how to cut ripe cactus fruit, while after meeting a very friendly Robert De Niro on a film set, she was left struck by a ‘pretty bad’ fungal infection that he’d got while having to wear fake nail for Angel Heart.Mary was also struck by Robert’s clear devotion to his young son Raphael, a warmth she had never received from either of her birth parents.

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