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Many teens don’t know how to play truth or dare, so here are the truth or dare rules to be followed.

Initially the first player starts the game by asking another player to choose “Truth Or Dare”? If that particular player chooses “Truth”, then opponent player asks a question which can be funny, embarrassing, dirty, good and simple one which player 2 much answer truthfully without fiction.

Try to see that the dares don’t go beyond the limits which may lead to some serious bad experiences.

I can say truth OR dares is one of the best group games for teenagers, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Teens, Kids, adults to test the opposite person’s abilities, ideas, thoughts, loving’s, situations and also find their secrets.

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You're probably wondering if you should be as nasty as possible. If you start off with the craziest questions you can think of, you'll probably freak your partner out, and vice versa.get Dare is an online community for Truth or Dare ideas, discussion, and exploration.To post you will need to register a free account or login above.Now that you know how to play this sex game, it's time to learn some dirty truth or dare questions to use on your man. If you enjoyed learning these new ideas on how to please your man in the bedroom and want to take it further, then you may be interested in the powerful oral sex techniques you can learn from this tutorial video. Find a chat partner or many partners by location or by sexual interests.

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