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Essex Police’s Deputy Chief Constable Matthew Horne was also found to have breached standards of behaviour by pushing another officer and launching a foul-mouthed tirade over the performance of the force control room.Mr Horne had denied the three allegations but a panel sitting at Chelmsford Civic Centre found his actions to be proven at the level of misconduct.Mr Mason described both the incidents as odd and out of character for Mr Horne.His behaviour was found to have breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour in the areas of authority, respect and courtesy and discreditable conduct.At the scene Mr Horne is also alleged to have leant in towards the superintendent with clenched fists.

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Horne added: “But to accuse that character [gay war reporter Tim] of being homophobic, that really got me, because it was annoying that that was the beginning of the backlash. He was such a warm and likable character, I mean, there are gay stereotypes everywhere, they’re stereotypes for a reason.” Tim ­Teeman, the gay arts editor of The Times, accused the pair of explicit homophobia for the sketch.

Essex Police Deputy chief constable Matthew Horne faces three allegations of having breached professional behaviour standards.

A document released by the force ahead of the process alleges that Mr Horne was involved in a number of incidents with junior colleagues.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) led an investigation into the accusations in July last year.

It was the opinion of their lead investigator that Mr Horne “has a case to answer for for gross misconduct relating to allegations he was verbally and physically abusive towards colleagues on three different occasions”.

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