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The rear and undersurface were often inscribed with the name of the owner.

They resemble our yardsticks, being short (52.5 centimeters) and stout, with a quadrangular section and a fifth side produced by chamfering the front top edge (fig. The front, the oblique, and the top faces were used for marking and numbering the single measurements.

Lepsius collected information about fourteen more or less complete cubits.

Most of these examples were not actually used as tools, but as votives, or were made for the funerary equipment and therefore made of hard stone.

A third example, excavated near the pyramid of Senwosret I at Lisht, which probably dates to the Twelfth Dynasty, has not been adequately published.

Two people hold short pieces of wood; both pieces are the same length and arc connected to each other at their tops by a string.

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