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“But when I became a mum, it was a whole different story.

I used to sleep, feeling in my stomach that I can’t handle it anymore – I was so scared, so afraid.

As a girl, Amal wasn’t allowed to go to school and so she started to organise social programs aged 14 years old, when she decided to teach the women in her tribe how to read.

She told anyone who asked that she wanted the women to read the Qur'an. They didn’t know that by teaching them reading and writing, they would then read the newspaper”, she says.

“My parents were both very sad, and my father said to my mother, ‘I promise not to marry with a second wife, but you promise me to give her the name Amal, hoping God will bring us boys after her.’ And five boys were born after me.” Amal is part of the Bedouin community in Israel, which is a strong patriarchy and extremely traditional – when she was young, her tribe lived in tents and with no running water or electricity.

But she says her early years as a sheppard, where she was in charge of 20 sheep, three cows and a donkey, gave her the leadership foundations that she has used throughout her life.

“I want to say to young British women, be involved. But your kids are going to be all over the world and you’re not contributing to this world.” British women may have to struggle against a patriarchy, but it’s nothing compared to the challenges that Amal has faced.

This young generation is very focused on how to make money. She says: “So don’t only focus on making money, take the lead now.

And Laura Csortan's three-month-old daughter Layla Rose has certainly taken after her model mum, with the pair posing in an adorable selfie shared to Instagram on Friday.

She is currently working towards her Ph D in women’s activism at Mc Gill.

As the first Bedouin woman to attend Ben-Gurion University, Amal was profiled in a magazine soon after she began her studies.

Like Malala Yousafzai, who's become internationally famous for her education activism, Amal feels that education can give women power.

Amal did not give up the fight for her own education, studying for a BA at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, followed by a master’s degree at Mc Gill.

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