Radio carbon dating made easy

Already we see utilities offer incentives for efficiency to offset capital costs of new generation plants, and other pseudo-private actions along those lines, without a centralized cap-and-trade policy forcing such a decision.

If our public policy should not be intended to benefit a specific (renewable) energy source, should we also remove benefits to other energy sources (tax credits to oil and coal exploration, for example) to allow full price for each to drive consumption decisions?

The boat was towed to the Norfolk Broads Yacht Club around 400 yards away where it was being examined today by police forensic experts and inspectors from the Government's Marine Accident Investigation Branch.'Carbon monoxide in a small space like a boat cabin has to be avoided.

By following the basic advice on our website and by having CO alarms on board as a back-up, you should have a happy and incident-free holiday.'The killer fumes came from a modified petrol generator which Ms Webster's partner Matthew Eteson, 42, of Hale, Cheshire, had taken below decks to heat the cabins, despite carbon monoxide detectors on his boat being disabled.

One study in Nature by Western scientists points to a probability of a large wave of extinctions.

Someone (I believe Justin P) made a point that we cannot assume the current climate is the best.

And contrary to the claims of many in the automobile and oil industries who profit off this dependency, American are in fact beginning to give up their cars where the incentives to drive are changing.John Berg To Chitown_nick: I very much agree that we should remove the subsidies that we current give to current energy sources. On that theme, I would submit that a non trivial amount of the federal defense budget (and likely the State department budget) is spent on securing supplies of oil in other parts of world.Thinking way outside of the box, maybe the feds should stop spending that money or find a way to bill the producers for those services.One major hurdle would be the short term price spike that would occur from this type of change, and seeing if politicians have the staying power to face public outcry over high energy prices.Apparently, from examples in the podcast discussion about CA and Britain, the track record isn't great there.

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