Who is jurnee smollett dating

Our Roommate, who is very close to the both of them, tells us that they’ve been on and off for about fours years and became a subject of conversation when Anthony worked on the set of #True Blood with Jussie’s sister, Jurnee!

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Sip Tea Wisely Our Roommate writes: “They met years ago on set of Jussie film The Skinny.

While Anthony was directing Jurnee in True Blood, she been pulling for them.

"I do think it's easier because for him to understand what I do because he's an artist," she says.

Love is in the air, y’all and it’s not discriminating!

They also hit up the EMI Grammy afterparty last night (above pic).

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OJ, Underground) and insists that everyone, even the legendary Lee Daniels, is rooting for them!

Looks like actress Jurnee Smollett has a new role: Fiancé.

She and her man--upcoming singer Josiah Bell--have been hitting red carpets everywhere together.

Jussie even wrote a song about him called “Hemingway” that he performed on the show “Verses and Flow” last year.

Jussie’s family calls him their future brother in law and Lee Daniels was heard saying that he prays they get together!

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