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You can use the Main Chat to talk to everyone or click on a user to start a private chat!

This was part of our Online TV for Windows App, however we wanted everyone to be able to chat on a stand-alone client, so please enjoy the service.

You can get Online TV for Windows from here: If you find any bugs please use the built-in feedback function to report the errors.

Getting mental health care when you need it should be very simple and straightforward, but it’s not always so easy.

i Prevail conducted a clinical trial of their method and found that it removed barriers to care and provided therapy that was comparable in success rates to face-to-face therapy.

Huddle is a free i OS app that uses video sharing to connect with other people around the world in shared safe spaces.

This flexibility and privacy is what brings many users to 7 Cups in the first place. urges those who have never considered online therapy to give 7 Cups a chance, saying: Reachout is an i OS and Android enabled app that’s specifically designed for chronic illness patients.

This free therapy option helps users spread empathy and compassion to their support networks, often those are dealing with similar conditions, like chronic pain or cancer.

Wait times may vary for the chat, but there is nearly always someone available.

This crowd-sourced support app can’t take the place of traditional therapy, but it can create a lifeline to get support from other patients like you.

Psych Central is one of the leading websites for connecting patients with therapists around the world.

Log on to chat with a trained “peer specialist” for support, or fill out a health questionnaire to get more tailored advice.

One thing that sets this system apart from other free online therapy is the evidence.

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