A big thank you to everyone for sharing their efforts.

We used the following cameras: Canon G10, Canon S70, and a Samsung S730.

Of those posted here, about half are mine, half are Arlos, with Graham and Agnieszka contributing a few here and there.

In addition, Arlo took most and processed all of the extra wide panoramas.

Arlo's technique is to place the sleeping bags on the coolers, providing extra insulation and making the ice last a good deal longer.

The stackable Roughneck tubs are a great help and keep miscellaneous items from rattling around and getting lost.My love for the desert and primitive camping is deep and I like few things as much as hanging out with good people in the middle of a stunning natural environment.Photographs During this trip everyone took tons of photos; counting all of us, we logged over 1500 individual shots. Nameservers are,,,, m.Introduction I hope that you find my account of this adventure interesting and educational, and that I inspire you to visit these or similar places.

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