Updating mepis 6 5 to current stable

The new release, Robolinux 8.1 "MATE", requires less memory than Robolinux's Cinnamon edition.

"Robolinux is very pleased and excited to announce its brand new lightning fast Robolinux `Mate Raptor' V8. OS which is based on the rock solid Debian 8 stable source code with the 3.16 Linux kernel. Custom scripts can be added to the Caja file manager to speed up your productivity.

Every version is loaded with many popular one-click installer applications such as the Tor browser, I2P, several very popular multimedia apps, Google Chrome, Google Earth, Skype and Virtual Box...." Along with the new version, many of Robolinux's commercial add-ons are now being offered free of charge from the project's store.

Download (MD5) (pkglist): robolinux64-xfce-v8.8.1(2,049MB), robolinux64-lxde-v8.8.1(1,945MB), robolinux64-mate-v8.8.1(1,937MB), robolinux64-cinnamon-v8.8.1(2,057MB).A tremendous amount of time and effort went into optimizing and tweaking Robolinux 'MATE Raptor' v8.1 so that Linux beginners and advanced users will be very pleased.• 2018-02-10: Distribution Release: Robolinux 9.1 • 2018-01-03: Distribution Release: Robolinux 8.10 • 2017-06-10: Distribution Release: Robolinux 8.8.1 • 2016-09-23: Distribution Release: Robolinux 8.6 • 2016-06-17: Distribution Release: Robolinux 8.5 • 2016-03-18: Distribution Release: Robolinux 8.4 • More Robolinux news..."This major Robolinux upgrade involved several months of hard work finding every way possible to improve the speed and functionality of our operating systems.We also fixed the fusion-icon dependency issue in our 3D MATE and Xfce editions and upgraded Firefox to Quantum version 57.0.1 and Thunderbird to version 52.5.2.

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