World of warcraft dating stats

[go] Apart from presenting the basic demographics from both RL (age, gender) and in-game (class, race), the goal of this short article is also to anchor the survey data with comprehensive Wo W census data (from Warcraft

DRAVEN: HOSTILE ARSENAL`Crusade GUARDIANS Pierce The Veins Fenris Mastermind Vengeance LEGION ELITE Imperial SUPERIOR Descendants REVENGE All Stars CONQUEROR CONQUEST Renegades Celestial Beings Enrage ... The distribution of the 8 races match up pretty well."But there's a threshold beyond which the game's core mechanics start to break down.When someone trying to wind up a 2.5-second cast can't get a nuke off against a quest target before another player charges in and one-shots it, that feels broken." The scaling still gives you an advantage over level 110 mobs if you have an item level higher than 850, just not as much of an advantage.In other words, you're talking about people who are move "into" the game than perhaps your average player might be.Remember that Wo W's strength as an MMORPG has always been it's market penetration, thanks to the massive publicity simply having the word "Warcraft" in the title gives it. I have a membership with Wo W and I am a 26 yr old female.

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