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Moat theories are not compatible with the actual evidence of Giza (see sidebar on page 70).For many years, the Great Sphinx seemed to be an island in a different sense.Now, however, recent discoveries in Turkey could upset some of the most basic premises in the conventional timeline for the rise of civilization—providing clear artifactual testimony of ancient ad­vancement 12,000 years ago. Second, there has been a recent attack on my dating of the Great Sphinx.Here now, in an Atlantis Rising exclusive, Robert Schoch looks once again at the case for a much older Great Sphinx and the new corroboration to be found in the ruins recently unearthed at Göbekli Tepe.—Editor Based on my geological and seismic analyses, utilizing weathering and erosion patterns correlated with the paleo­climatology and subsurface features, the Great Sphinx at Giza, Egypt, goes back thousands of years earlier than the traditional Egyptological date of circa 2500 BC. This forced me to re-evaluate my analysis, and led me to conclude that, if anything, I may have underestimated the age. The body of the Sphinx sits largely below ground level, in an area that is commonly referred to as the Sphinx En­closure or the Sphinx pit.Perhaps this was a meeting place, a site where different clans and tribes gathered to celebrate.Did each of the approximately two dozen stone circles belong to a different tribe?Farming was time-consuming, back-breaking labor that yielded relatively poor nutrition.As God said to Adam, after he ate the forbidden fruit that the serpent convinced Eve to taste, “Accursed be the soil be­cause of you.

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Klaus Schmidt (German Archaeological Institute) has been heading the excavation team since 1994, and there is no doubt as to the importance, authenticity, and dating (based on radiocarbon) of Göbekli Tepe. Göbekli Tepe dates back to the end of the last Ice Age.When I look at the carvings of animals, I think of shamans with their animal totems and guides.Birds appear abundantly at Göbekli Tepe, traditional symbols of the spirit or soul.The Sphinx, if indeed it dated so far back, appeared alone, isolated, with no solid context so very long ago. Enter evidence from other quarters that high culture dates back at least 12,000 years.Göbekli Tepe When I first publicized my re-dating of the Sphinx, one of the accusations repeatedly hurled by the establishment amounted to this: It is impossible for the Sphinx (more correctly the proto-Sphinx, since it has been reworked, re­paired, and the head re-carved) to be so old, since people back then did not possess the social and organizational capa­bility to undertake such a massive project.

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