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In 1889, two forest rangers, Than Wilkerson and Hank Tuttle, had just landed themselves the job of patrolling the newly established forest reserve in western Montana’s Bitterroot Valley.

With only skimpy provisions and not so much as a horse to travel on, ...

History by Design: The Tumacácori Visitor Center as Historical Pastiche This presentation is part of A Century of Design in the Parks: Preserving the Built Environment in National and State Parks, June 21-23, 2016, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Transcript Hi, I’m Debbie Smith, Chief of Historic Landscapes Program at NCPTT.

Abstract and Presenter’s Bio Frank Matero: Thanks Mary. Today I’m going to discuss ways to protect your trees before a storm and how to recover after a disaster.

Welcome and History of Preservation at Victoria Mansion Robert Wolterstorff, Director, Victoria Mansion Today’s symposium is intended to accomplish two things: to offer an overview of what’s been going on in the very active field of research in Brownstone ...

This presentation is part of the Proceedings of the Maritime Cultural Landscape Symposium, October 14-15, 2015, University of Wisconsin-Madison Daina Penkiunas: Okay, our next presenter is Hans Van Tilburg, who has worked as a carpenter, a sports diving instructor, commercial diver, and science diver in California, North Carolina, Louisiana, and Wisconsin. This talk is part of the Fountain Fundamentals Conference, July 10-11, 2013, Kansas City, MO.

Developments in technology have occurred so rapidly that skepticism ...

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Francis Miller for helping me pull together the hands-on. This video was originally produced by the US Forest Service, part of the USDA.This presentation is part of the Proceedings of the Maritime Cultural Landscape Symposium, October 14-15, 2015, University of Wisconsin-Madison Barbara Wyatt: Joe is a maritime archeologist with NOAA’s office of National Marine Sanctuaries.He specializes in archaeological recording of deep water shipwrecks.Storm effects that I’ll be covering include: Flooding, lightning strikes, and primarily wind damage.To prepare for a disaster, you need to know your trees and ...

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