Dating several men

While you’re on a roll, amass a few potential boos, that way if the first guy craps out, you won’t lose that smile and go back to mean mugging in public with that “who shit themselves” face. It’s time to erase this mindset that only hoes and sluts entertain more than one guy at a time.You’re single and mingling, not giving out blow jobs to the first 10 dudes who take you bowling.Everyone here follows someone on Facebook whose attitude swings with their relationship status.If they’re lonely and sad, they post negative things where the tone reeks of bitterness.While “Go be with them other bitches” has become a girl power battle cry, it’s a hollow threat.

As soon as this type of female meets a man that has four out of her ten must-have’s, she shuts down shop and prays to the heavens that this guy sticks around.

and juggle women until we find one worth focusing on.

Far too many exceptional ladies live by this idea that the right one is simply the next one who taps her on the shoulder.

He could be the one, or he could be just another one.

You can’t worry about the future, all you can do is live in the now, and the now mandates that he’s nobody special.

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