Avg antivirus 2016 not updating

Thank you for helping, Dan Hello Dan H_44, Installation again fails on accessing: C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\AVG 2011Make sure that hidden files and folders are displayed as described in - How To Display Hidden Files And Folders.

If the folder is still not present, check access permissions of folder and its subfolders: C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Permissions need to be Full control for Administrators and SYSTEM. Please provide us with a list of files/folders you are unable to delete due to being in use.

I have since come to realize that this is in use because it holds the scan data for the drive from the working AVG instance from another leg of my dual boot.

Thanks for helping, Dan Hello There seems to be some user account issues on your computer.

I accept, but then I get a "Update failed- General Error" message. Here are the log files: Hello Zuler C,analysis of the provided update log files revealed that a AVG registry entry has been damaged which is preventing AVG update to be installed.

Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)Virus DB: 1435/3500I just use the Windows firewall. This situation is different than the one described in this thread originally even though the "general error" is reported in both cases.

Thank you Hi Dusan_AVG, I am re-posting, in case it wasn't clear from my previous post title that the re-installation failed (see prev post for details). My problem is more urgent now, because now I have NO anti-virus protection. Thanks, Dan Hello Zbynek,the Msinfo and log files are at: 105BTW, before the failed install attempt, I tried to delete every instance of avg*.* on my computer.

Some files could not be deleted (file in use), even when I exercised a dual-boot option into a different operating system.

Error message was slightly different this time (525 vs 517): Error code: 0x C0070643Error msg: General Internal Error Additional msg: 0x C00705Context: MSI action failed I saved the log files and AVGInst at (msinfo from last night is still there): 105The folders/files that were in use and couldn't be deleted were on the tree:\Users\All Users\AVG10 ...Please proceed as indicated in this AVG Free Forum post to rectify the issue. id=0By OVr3q4-g SEMm Rk Y2Uz ZTUt OTQx OC00YTEw LWE2NGMt Nz Jj Mzk2Mj Ni Zjcy&hl=en_GB&authkey=CLDLmo0LI'm using Windows 7.I believe I have got the full linkscanner DB, because during the install it downloaded 119.6MB, from memory, which sounds like the size on the linkscanner db definitions? Hello dakisan, Log file points to error with updating Link Scanner database. I ran chkdsk and it reported no errors on the drive.Please try to enable administrator account temporarily, log into the account and try to install AVG.If it does not help, create a new account with administrator privileges and attempt to install again.

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