True blood who is sookie dating

Sookie is surprised that Jason is the responding officer.He is just as surprised to see her and explains that she has been gone for over 12 months; those ten minutes in fairyland just cost her a year of her life.

The following interview contains many spoilers about the True Blood series finale.

Jason explains that people thought that Bill had killed her.

Not knowing that she was still alive, Jason--now a full fledged cop--sold her house.

Yeah, Michael Mc Millian told me that when he got blasted by the faery elder, or when he got burnt up, that was you. So I was coming back from a vacation with my wife, and she was shooting pictures of my arms in the airport. I was told, point blank, by one of the [assistant directors], “You’re going to have to shave that off, before next week.” And then the director came up and was like, “Maybe you should shave it. We’ll let you know.” So they ran it up the ladder and decided that they liked the beard! [Laughs] Do you think Sookie would have taken her husband’s last name?

And I also did that stunt for Alex when he got burnt up on the mountainside. I feel like Sookie is the kind of girl who would want to keep her name, you know?

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