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In time he’d come to need glasses, which only served to frame and accentuate his already feminine features.

Things hadn’t been so bad since his move to college. At eighteen now Ash couldn’t really say he’d ever had a real girlfriend. The limits of his real world experience being the various times he’d seen his friends in their pyjamas and underwear during sleepovers and after parties. ” he asked, voice hopeful as he started to eat again.

While he still struggled to make male friends he fit in very well with the girls, a bunch of the popular sophomore crowd taking him under their wing, adoring him for his unintentional feminine charms. It was something, but it left him sorely lacking companionship. His mother eyed him with no short amount of skepticism.

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This status as a social outcast among the boys and his growing up in a budding world of technology had allowed him to slip quite happily into an introvert’s lifestyle, spending every second he could on his computer.His chest, back arms and legs remained smooth and hairless, another aspect to which his female friends expressed the unfairness of life.He didn’t spend anytime pitying himself in the mirror, he had done that enough in his life already.Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Exhibitionism, First Time, Male / Older Female, Mature, Older Female / Males, Oral Sex, Romance, Transgendered, Transsexual, Virginity, Written by women Ash gawped at his mother, incredulous as to what she had just said. Their neighbour, and his moms best friend, Laura, had recently entered the modern age by acquiring herself a laptop, and while this on it’s own didn’t present Ash with an issue, what his mom had offered most certainly did.He understood the basic premise of what had happened, but the reasoning she must have had absolutely baffled him. She had quite happily surrendered to Laura Ash’s mobile number so that if any tech related issues arose, she could text or call him for support.

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