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One of the most significant features from Line is the Line game, that allows you to play several games issued by Line.In this case, you should register your phone number first before playing the games Website: Play Store: Viber (Price: Free, Number of Installs: Over 100 million) Viber also becomes top 5 the best Messaging Apps in the world.Using Line you can make a video call with your friend with good video quality as well as the voice call.Line sticker is also quite popular with some unique sticker designs.Those 5 apps have the same function for social chatting, but they have different features from one another.These apps are quite popular in the world, especially for the users of Android, IOS, and Windows.Since those apps have different additional features from one another instead of social chatting.

Now that there are chat capabilities on Facebook, AIM, GChat, Windows Messenger and more, I don’t always want to be signed into a ton of different applications on my phone, which can be a total drain on the battery and useless if it turns out that no one is online.With e Buddy I can be signed into one program and get to chatting with all my friends online.It also has a push notification feature, so if I’m not directly on the program I won’t miss it if any of my friends sign online and send me a message.Updated: January-2017 Messaging App is an app which can be used for chatting.There are many messaging apps that you can install on your smartphone.

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