Zune sync updating

Use a dedicated USB port for the connection when one is available to avoid instability in the device.

Double-click the Zune software icon located on your desktop.

Now if they can just figure out how to bolt a touch screen onto the device....

Connecting your Zune to a computer is as simple as connecting most other devices through USB.

(Of course, recipients will have to have the Zune software and will have to register and sign in to "Join the Social.") There are still a few issues--the software is a resource-hog, slowing down other apps on my 2006 Dell XPS Gen 2 laptop.

(Task Manager in Windows XP shows it taking up more than 85MB of memory--and I've got the window minimized as I'm typing this blog entry in Firefox!

But apparently the Zune Marketplace has some shows from NBC, which pulled their shows from i Tunes a while back, so a good checkbox feature for those of you keeping track.

Overall, though, a much-needed update that I think will make Zune more competitive than it's ever been, and I see a lot of promise if they keep updating the social and wireless features.

Connect the other end of the data cable to a USB port on your computer.Like your PC, the Zune requires firmware updates for stability.It is possible that a connection problem stems from update failure rather than user error.With the mobile world becoming more diverse all the time and devices being able to perform a multitude of tasks, it's no surprise that syncing with a PC has become a must.Nokia's Zune software not only enables you to organise your music and upload it to your phone, it also allows you to purchase music and videos, giving you access to some great content.

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