Aubrey graham dating rihanna

From 2009 on, though, the two remained in each other’s lives, both personally and professionally. He’s so talented that you kind of just trust that it’ll be right." It’s hardly a smoking gun.

They made appearances on each other’s albums, first and most notably with 2010’s "What’s My Name? Drake): When Entertainment Weekly tried to get to the bottom of their scorching hot vibes in these videos, director Tim Erem admitted that "their chemistry is amazing" but that they’re "just friends." Rihanna, meanwhile, was a little more coy with Vogue when asked how working with Drake is different from working with anyone else. But it’s still enough to keep people interested — and they know it.

Drake — who had missed accepting an award for his own win in the first hour of the show, due to getting stuck traffic(!

) — managed to get himself together and into a tuxedo to present Rihanna with the Video Vanguard award, or the VMA version of a lifetime achievement honor.

Drake gave Rihanna the award, they had an endearing, if awkward, half-kiss moment, and she gave a heartfelt speech about how much the Vanguard award means to her as an evolving artist. Everyone watching was already busy writing their Drake/Rihanna wish fulfillment fanfic, and there was no amount of polite side-stepping Rihanna could do to change it.

Thanks to their frequent(ly sexy) collaborations and Drake’s less-than-subtle gushing about Rihanna’s incredible beauty and talent, the two stars have always held a particular fascination for anyone even remotely into celebrity gossip.We got Drizzy Friday night in We Ho arriving at Craig's…Drake and Rihanna have been in and out of each other’s orbits for years, but their encounter on the 2016 VMAs stage was in a league of its own.In a separate business venture, he collaborated with Brent Hocking on an alcohol brand called Virginia Black Whiskey.Kanye West and Drake working together on a song for Ye's new album is a big deal ...

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