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” and the other one is thinking “I do love you but I need a bit of space”.Wherever you are in the world you should make an agreement about how often you talk, but without making a rigid, obsessive, compulsive regime of “at 6pm every day we must speak”.Disgraced ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner repeatedly convinced an underage girl to get naked and fondle herself while he watched over the internet, federal prosecutors revealed in a court filing Wednesday.

I think six months is the limit, and even six months would be difficult for young virile people.

If we have grown up with divorced parents we can end up more needy and insecure in our own relationships. We are just taught to pass exams, go through university and work.

But we shouldn’t blame and punish ourselves for the way we act because its normal. My advice is, if the couple is more open about their individual fears, for example “sorry I feel a bit needy because…” it’s better than saying nothing at all and then acting needy and causing more arguments and breaking up.

But it’s a problem when one of the partners is controlling that rather than both.

So if you feel one partner is wanting to meet up and the other is less inclined and for petty reasons, that is a bad sign.

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