3dcoat updating obj

– New Primitives Added: screws, spirals, etc with rich Options set.

– 3D-Printing Export function included in PRO version.

– Move via brush tool in retopo room will not snap vertex to cursor position even if there is only one vertex in brush.

– Contours for cutting may be saved in UV and Retopo rooms, look in Commands-Save contour. It is very useful for real thing production – like shoes or acrylic details.

– New import option for PPP: Import each material as separate UV set.

– Relative paths to textures in exported OBJ files.

It is applied to stencils, materials, brushes, text, curved pictures.

– Anti-aliased painting introduced everywhere: Vertex Painting, PPP, MV, Ptex.

– GGX exact support means compatibility with most of current game and render engines.

– Painting over mesh is “as is” without modulation on background shader color. It allows to pack many channels into one texture in custom way.

This means: – Almost all Voxel Shaders are PBR compatible now.

Very good support of cavity and bulge is present in realtime.

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