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But Hamilton says he supports the industry drive to get people to move power companies, or at least make sure they have the best deal.

"People aren't making the most of the price savings out there, and many don't seem to care.

You chat to some people and they can't even tell you what power company they're with.

There's also a really wide variation of prices and plans within each retailer, so just because you are with Genesis for example, it doesn't mean you have the same rates as your neighbour who's also a Genesis customer." Hamilton has a clear message to power customers - make sure you are on the right user plan, and that your power company isn't ripping you off.

With Vocus, we will naturally expand our customer base into the consumer segment and we are confident that our existing customers will value the growth of our offering.

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He says that while the industry reports that tens of thousands of people switch power provider each month, the stats include people who move to a new house and stay with their current provider.

There are a lot of options out there people may be unaware of." 2017 Broadband Compare Awards – Slingshot: Telco Slingshot was the top selling power company in Auckland last month, despite not being officially launched, and only selling power to existing broadband customers during a soft launch phase.

Slingshot General Manager, Taryn Hamilton, says the company is now selling power nationwide to new customers as well as existing broadband customers.

"The first few months in the new year is always a busy time for telco and energy as Kiwis reconsider their providers.

We hope Slingshot's new offering will be an incentive to switch.

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