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"The first few months in the new year is always a busy time for telco and energy as Kiwis reconsider their providers.We hope Slingshot's new offering will be an incentive to switch.Broadband Compare managing director Gavin Male said the awards were a huge success."It is great to see some of the newer consumer brands coming to the forefront with different offerings, competitive pricing and innovative new ways of packaging their broadband products.But Hamilton says he supports the industry drive to get people to move power companies, or at least make sure they have the best deal."People aren't making the most of the price savings out there, and many don't seem to care."It really comes down to how you interpret the switching stats.When the industry says that someone has 'switched' power companies, most would assume they have changed provider, but the stats don't actually work like that - the stats recorded also include house moves." The Electricity Authority statistics show that almost one third less people are switching their power company for their existing home compared with five years ago, despite there being a heap more choice of providers*.

"In the new year, Slingshot will be offering customers broadband, landline, mobile, gas and electricity – all on the same bill, with great customer service," said Callander.

The inaugural Broadband Compare Awards ceremony, held in Auckland on Thursday 2 November, saw Slingshot walk away as the big winner.

Slingshot took home 3 gongs on the evening with awards for Best Bundled Plan, Consumer NZ Broadband Provider of the Year and the Broadband Compare People's Choice Award.

The awards, supported by Consumer NZ, covered 11 different categories across the broadband sector.

More than 20 different internet providers made up the finalists across the various categories ranging from prominent and well-known brands through to smaller regional and specialist internet providers.

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