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Once on the floor we stepped out and entered through the door directly in front of us. There was a large great room that had a balcony, and that allowed us to hear the music from down stairs as well as providing a beautiful view of the marina.

There were some others there already and the party was in full swing.

He started kissing my neck and I closed my eyes and swayed to the music enjoying all of the attention.

When the song changed Chris and Mike each grabbed me by the hand and led me down the hall toward the other rooms in the house.

They must have sensed how excited I was for once in the room they did not even worry about shutting the door and proceeded to remove my clothes.

They took everything off except my boots; they said it made me look even hotter.

Her cousin was built very similar to my wife except she was about 5’7″ where Christine is 5’2″. ” “Sure, if you promise to not get jealous.” “You know better than that!

Gina was in a pair of leather pants and tank top also with the “girls” up and out for everyone to see followed by high heeled platform shoes. We’ve done enough together for you to know that I will get excited long before I get jealous.” Christine’s response to my question and my anticipation for what she was about to tell me had me hard as a rock, and from here on the events that transpired will be from Christine’s point of view. We ordered our drinks and settled onto a couple of bar stools facing the band.

I was sure Chris felt it too when he reached under my skirt as we were dancing.

I caught I glimpse of Gina who was dancing and kissing one of the other guys as they felt each other all over.

I went back to concentrating on Chris, who was the guy with his hands now on my waist moving them up to cup my tits.

Gina had just finished going through a long drawn out divorce and needed some fun time and my wife was all too happy to oblige. It didn’t take long before several guys came over and started talking to us.

With Christine being a stay at home mom, I had no problem taking the kids for her to get out for some excitement and all around adult time. I had arranged for a car to take them and bring them to Gina’s parent’s house after the night was over since they lived closer to the marina and it would allow them more time together. I recognized them from the previous times you and I were there and they remembered me as well.

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