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Corey was last seen off of Church Street in Idanha April 6, Charles tells the Linn County Sheriff’s Office, and was not dressed for current weather conditions.

Corey often takes walks on forest roads and will typically return in the late evening, according to his brother.

He and Fennell live at a friend’s house outside Alfalfa, and his life revolves around Searching for Sara, the volunteer effort to locate Gomez.

The Alfalfa headquarters for the search is a fenced piece of land off a ranch with a port-a-potty and ample parking.

It was found about an hour later and returned home.“It is so humbling to have a great group of men and women who are dedicated to helping others,” Sheriff John Ward wrote.

“Without these men and woman, it would be impossible to have these favorable outcomes.

He may still be in the local area or he may travel to Vancouver, Washington.

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Corey is five feet and seven inches tall, has short hair and weighs about 175 pounds, police say.She got turned around and ended up spending the night in the woods.Carol’s dog helped her keep warm during the night, but it was scared off when the Coast Guard helicopter was flying around.What happened in that time period has consumed Patrick Garrett, who’s engaged to marry Gomez’s sister, Elizabeth Fennell.Garrett accompanied a handful of relatives who viewed the ropes and other evidence from Penner’s apartment gathered by police.“It was pretty hard for us,” Garrett said.

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