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It is not listed in their meticulous records, in which each of the more than 2000 purchased objects and gifts (with the names of the donor) are listed with date, place, and price.Furthermore, the meteorite from which it was made was found more than 2000 kilometers from Lhasa, near the Siberian-Mongolia border in Tannu Tuva.The paper will conclude with speculations on these questions.The Hongwu Southern Canon in the Beibei Library: Authentic or False?There are also objects the authenticity of which cannot be decided with the available possibilities of access and technical means.

Widely considered a witness of a mysterious pre-Buddhist civilization of Tibet, more than a thousand years old, the statue made a shooting-star career on the title pages of international media.The results of my research on the Hongwu Southern Canon were first published in The East Asian Library Journal, Princeton University, 2000.Afterwards, I visited Beibei Library twice, in 2005 and in 2010.The Catalogue of Rare Chinese Books published by the Shanghai guji chubanshe in 1996 lists a number of extant editions of the Chinese Buddhist canon.One of them is the Hongwu nanzang (洪武南藏, Hongwu Southern Canon).

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