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Then, it really was pretty impressive, the joke being that he'd just be using it to play computer games and type out lists.But There was a time when these specifications would be mockingly contrasted with a then modern counterpart.(Not all "technology" is machine-based.) Related to Sci-Fi Writers Have No Sense of Scale and Society Marches On when it comes to population growth; many of these examples have populations in the low billions and treat it as catastrophic overpopulation, not merely in terms of agriculture but in terms of population density.

When transistors came around in the '70s to do everything a vacuum tube could, it'd mean that the old vacuum tube would go the wayside, right? Who else here has ever talked about "taping" a show on to a hard disc, or "rewinding" a DVD?See Magic Floppy Disk for cases when the tech onscreen in a futuristic series was dated .See also Computer Equals Tape Drive, Science Marches On, What Are Records? Long-Runner Tech Marches On is when this happens In-Universe.Can sometimes be a Trope Breaker: A change in cultural context that affects Tropes.A cousin of sorts to Our Graphics Will Suck in the Future.

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