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The selfies were tongue-in-cheek to start with - but they carry a serious message, too,” she tells me.“Your worth shouldn't be dictated by how well you fit conventional beauty standards.” It may seem somewhat counter-intuitive to post unflattering photos of yourself as a way to build confidence.Although the bullies are usually too cowardly to insult them to their faces (indeed, one doubts the student who prompted the #uglygirlsclub is even aware of the effect his words had), they often hear comments through the student grapevine, or on Spotted: Sexism - a Facebook page set up to record sexism across campus at Royal Holloway.

Sticking two virtual fingers up to their detractor, they tagged the photos with #uglygirlsclub. Students across the world have picked up on the hashtag and the campaign is now almost 1,000 people strong.

Writing about the family tragedy in the Catholic Herald, Mr Brazier, 49, said: “The only sour note was struck by staff at Royal Holloway.

“Our eldest is in the first year of a geology degree there. She faced a difficult choice: drop out and forfeit all the work she’s done, or be absent from her…

2012, 2013, 2014, 2015), as well as Miocene corals and giant clams (Griffiths et al. Glacial-interglacial research especially utilizes our newly-developed cryo-cell UV-LA-ICPMS methodology to analyze dust in frozen ice at unprecedented spatial/time resolution to establish the speed of natural climate change in deep Greenland ice (Müller et al., 2011; Della Lunga et al., 2014 & forthcoming).

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