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Designed to simulate a Mother chatting with her teenage son from her bed at night via laptop. ..." License: Copyright j_meister, all rights reserved Created: Jun 23 2015 Creator: j_meister : Send Message Access: Everyone Id: 25939 Link:

Typically, people have a wrong notion that creating and managing a chatbot is a difficult and involves complex programming.Mobile applications can act as an expert system for many different areas of knowledge, support, sales, guides and more. Second Ego mindmap control of conversation enables extremely fast and efficient development of conversation maps for chatbot.Mindmaps are close to human way of thinking and a bridge to chatbot artificial intelligence. Second Ego represents new user interface for many applications where technology should interact with the users in most user friendly way – native human conversation. Second Ego wish you merry Christmas and happy New Year. Please use discount code "happy2017" valid until end of January 2017. Last two weeks we were under permanent besiege of hackers. Anyhow, all those who wanted to extend subscriptions last week, they can do that now.Second Ego is able to learn from your live chat conversations.After certain period of time you will be able to let the chat on auto-pilot with less and less of live person interactions.

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