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SOCIALLY AWKWARD ROBOT [15 ] If you think that the first 'real' AI in years to come is going to be your perfect electronic friend, think again. Responses contain unfiltered content which may offend. It's probably more likely to be awkward, rude, confusing, and elusive — just like this personality. is a great new service which basically allows you to create your own chatbot for free.Typically, people have a wrong notion that creating and managing a chatbot is a difficult and involves complex programming.

Her character is a gynoid in a 22nd century sci-fi setting.

However, we at ensure developing a chatbot is very simple which can be done by anyone.

For example, if you want to call a taxi, you can go down to the street and stand on the sidewalk with your hand in the air, waiting for one to drive by and flag it down, or pick up the phone to request it one hour in advance.

Mobile applications can act as an expert system for many different areas of knowledge, support, sales, guides and more. Second Ego mindmap control of conversation enables extremely fast and efficient development of conversation maps for chatbot.

Mindmaps are close to human way of thinking and a bridge to chatbot artificial intelligence. Second Ego represents new user interface for many applications where technology should interact with the users in most user friendly way – native human conversation. Second Ego wish you merry Christmas and happy New Year. Please use discount code "happy2017" valid until end of January 2017. Last two weeks we were under permanent besiege of hackers. Anyhow, all those who wanted to extend subscriptions last week, they can do that now.

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