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Twenty years on, the families want €12 million in compensation.Residents of the French capital were gripped with panic in November when news broke that a big cat had been spotted roaming around a supermarket car park.

Prosecutors say Moore also hired someone to hack hundreds of email accounts and steal photos.

A frantic hunt was quickly underway by Paris authorities, but it soon emerged the 'beast' wasn't what it appeared to be...

The inaugural winners of The Local's "Only in France" award went to two French lawmakers, who were involved in a heated battle over a narrow but crucial bit of grammar that resulted in a hefty fine for one of them and a furious debate over feminism.

(Remember: This list ranks stars according to the only metric that really matters in Hollywood – effect on the bottom line – not who’s the best actor.) If you think our priorities are askew (perhaps you believe that awards and reviews matter most?

), just use the sliders at left to reprioritize the stats and reveal your own rankings.

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