Liquidating a steel building new york lake placid dating

There is no limit to the length of your building, and our buildings reach heights of 40 feet or more! Our steel building kits are designed to be expandable if you need to add space later on. residents or 011-940-293-4952 for Canadian or Mexican residents to talk with us about our metal buildings for sale.

Whether it’s a garage or a warehouse, every order is custom made for you. RHINO Steel Buildings ships metal building kits all over North America — we deliver to every state in the U. With manufacturing and shipping points across the continent, we can keep shipping costs low and shipping times short. Over 37% of our orders are from repeat customers — our high-quality buildings don’t disappoint. Click below to browse some of our options by type, size, or location and learn more about pricing and experiencing the RHINO Difference.

RHINO Steel buildings are the perfect structure for any environment — with metal building packages for sale for agricultural buildings to aircraft hangars to church buildings to sports and recreation, we do it all. The structures are solid and high-quality — you can count on a RHINO Steel building to last.

With clearly marked packages and fewer, stronger pieces, steel buildings are easy to assemble.

Whether you’re looking for an economical housing option, an environmentally friendly one or simply a unique building to call home, Steel Master’s prefabricated houses are the perfect solution for your needs.

Traditional houses require multiple contractors, many months and hundreds of thousands of dollars or more to complete.

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Buildings listed are provided "as is." Limited customization available at an extra cost.

Even better, your metal house will likely cost you less than 10 percent of what a traditional house would.

When you purchase a Steel Master arch house, you can rest assured that you’re receiving a building that will safeguard both your loved ones and valuable possessions.

The unique arch design of our metal houses creates enormous strength; our buildings are strong enough to withstand even the highest wind and snow loads.

Whether you live in upstate New York, along the Gulf Coast or in a more temperate climate, our project specialists will work with you to customize a home that has both the strength and price point to provide you peace of mind.

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