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The issue of representation feels cozily easy to understand here in the US —€” you either are or aren't represented —€” compared to the long history of self-erasure in post-war Japanese narratives.

It's a dense, depressing history, and by the end of it I probably will still come to the conclusion that casting Johansson was the wrong move.

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Innocent youths are caged in robot suits, powerful psychics are trapped in decrepit childlike forms.But perhaps —€” and this is just a guess —€” the Ghost in the Shell adaptation shouldn't have been an American production in the first place.After World War II —€” after two nuclear bombs and the forced demilitarization, an impoverished and war-torn Japan desperately needed to rebuild its economy, and it turned to toys.Whitewashing is very real, and the deficit of starring roles for Asians is one lane in the representation race that is stubbornly slow to advance.But in the case of Kusanagi, an anime character, it's not as simple as Japanese or white.

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