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At your home studio, it looks like all your worlds collide. The other side has a pro tools rig and tons of drums and guitars. I think it would be for anybody that came from a successful career in one regard, and then they are looking to diversify in other creative ways.I’ve seen pictures where your drums are amongst your canvases. So it is hemispheric at first, but they do intersect at a certain point. With certain art, the work itself is the center of attention rather than just you. It would be hard for anybody to see beyond why they showed up there in the first place.This past summer while we were on tour with the Deftones, I had a more elaborate watercolor kit with me and nice paper. After high school I was involved in what were probably my most formal art classes. I would learn to draw from a live model and then painting real life and still life images. I’ve been working with some Polaroid’s, 35 millimeter and media format most of my adult life.Instead of going to the movies or the mall on a day off, I spent the summer basically hauled up in hotel rooms and would just paint. With the digital evolution, I was able to excel more quickly due to the learning curve of the digital format.It’s really a loss for sure and I feel for his family too. It’s kind of nuts, I’m sure you’ve been to music festivals of recent. It’s basically that but for art – which I am totally down far.How long have you been into art, when did you start? For as long as I can remember, I have been drawing things, writing things down and externalizing emotional circumstances. If I was sick or something and didn’t know what to do about it, I figured out if I would draw pictures of what was going on inside of me, what it felt like, it would eventually make me feel better.It’s really a totally different way of writing songs, it’s fun. It’s certainly been challenging since my process is usually music first, but just as you said, it’s a fun challenge and I find it creates unique melodies because you don’t comprise the melody, since that’s what started the whole thing. We shouldn’t dictate how a song is supposed to be written. Even if it’s pounding out a rhythm on a coffee table. You can write a song in so many different ways, and that’s the most beautiful thing. Speaking of Incubus, 2015 marks a major milestone and accomplishment as its 20 years since your first release of . And feeling like – how the fuck do I know, I’m six! The plan was to come home, immediately record that material and have it out before the holidays. We didn’t have a manager or a record label at the time. Being able to be around those people was huge for us as well. You have a great quote which reads “Happiness balances delicately on the wings of the act of creativity itself, not at the finish line.” I can relate and take that as – the real enjoyment in creating art or music is the act of actually doing it. There’s something that happens when we are involved in our own creative processes.

Let’s say you just had a great morning surf and you are feeling very inspired. We have so much material we are working with right now and we’re in the process of finding the best of the best. Some mornings though, I feel more focused like, So I will force myself to hunker down and focus on just that.In music too, there’s such a thing a writing a song or a lyric just for the sake of writing and perhaps you are expressing nothing. They are just there because I felt like putting something down on paper. When I write with Michael, he’s like this wellspring of musical ideas. At a drop of a hat he will have a guitar riff or piano melody.Sometimes those songs are so much fun to perform and to listen to because they are mindless and meaningless. There are also things that are more complex in what they are trying to express. It’s our responsibility to interpret our experiences individually. It offers a creative challenge that I’ve been in love with the entire time we’ve been doing it.So we decided to keep writing, and we’re sifting through tons of material, trying to create the best of the best. But we then got this opportunity to work in this incredible creative space. Really quickly songs started to emerge and we saw that a handful of them we really liked and they offered us the opportunity to go out and tour as well. A lot of it also started as simple conversations amongst the band. The second song we played, “I Can’t Explain,” we learned in the trailer. It was cool and the fact that we pulled off made it even more fun. We got to do something similar a few years before with The Pretenders. Like – The ego that most of us identify with, when we’re involved in the creating, that tends to go away temporarily.We plan on having new music out, I would assume by early 2016. This in particular, was a conversation revolving around how some of us missed Side A, Side B. The Foo Fighters were playing too and when we got there, Dave Grohl approached us and asked us if we would play the second song that they were supposed to play because he was sick and his voice was messed up. Getting to share the stage with The Foo Fighters, Tenacious D, The Who and all the others that were there was incredible. To be able to be around all those guys too and speak to them was pretty special. Maybe we forget about it and we get lost in these processes.

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