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At your home studio, it looks like all your worlds collide. The other side has a pro tools rig and tons of drums and guitars. I think it would be for anybody that came from a successful career in one regard, and then they are looking to diversify in other creative ways.I’ve seen pictures where your drums are amongst your canvases. So it is hemispheric at first, but they do intersect at a certain point. With certain art, the work itself is the center of attention rather than just you. It would be hard for anybody to see beyond why they showed up there in the first place.It’s really a loss for sure and I feel for his family too. It’s kind of nuts, I’m sure you’ve been to music festivals of recent. It’s basically that but for art – which I am totally down far.How long have you been into art, when did you start? For as long as I can remember, I have been drawing things, writing things down and externalizing emotional circumstances. If I was sick or something and didn’t know what to do about it, I figured out if I would draw pictures of what was going on inside of me, what it felt like, it would eventually make me feel better.How do you determine how to channel your inspiration having these multiple outlets? Normally when I’m working on a painting I don’t listen to music.Occasionally I will listen to a lecture or something, but usually I just listen to the glorious sounds of silence so I can let my own music filter through.So at times, they actually occur in a simultaneous kind of way.Let’s say you just had a great morning surf and you are feeling very inspired. We have so much material we are working with right now and we’re in the process of finding the best of the best. Some mornings though, I feel more focused like, So I will force myself to hunker down and focus on just that.

He really liked it and started playing this guitar riff around it. Mostly because I want to immediately capture the subject matter that’s ripe in mind. There’s so much pressure in America around – what are you going to do, what are you going to be when you grow up? I can recall being six and hearing – what do you want to be when you grow up? It’s so amazingly unexpected and so welcomed that I can’t help but smile. We actually had written almost another album worth of material before we left for the summer tour in the states. We have our bands that we love and adore which is the main course in our lives, but then we get to have these side projects that offer us so much fulfillment as well.You are sitting back at your studio with a cup of coffee and you are looking at your instruments and your various art materials, are you going to music or art? My favorite thing to do though is to allow a medium to dictate which direction I am going to go. When I let my ego surrender and I let the medium speak more.You’ll notice more flow in the work whether it’s a song or a painting. One corner is almost entirely a space for making a mess, for throwing paint on a canvas and stuff like that.Then there are the songs that you had to take a second mortgage out on your sole because you are digging so deep. When I write music outside of Incubus and those two songs you mentioned in particular, they started as just melodies with dispersed lyrics attached. A melody just emerged and lyrics just kind of showed up.It’s a different way of writing songs, it’s a different kind of challenge, but it’s just as important to allow all of the different ways that music or art wants to come through us. It makes me smile that we’ve had this incredible, mostly unexpected life. He’s got this little kid energy when you put a guitar in his hand.

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