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History: This policy revises the previous version dated March 21, 2014.

The EWU Board of Trustees adopted it on June 30, 2017.

Relationships resulting in indirect or inappropriate influence are prohibited. Nonconsensual / Discriminatory Relationships If a relationship is alleged by one of the parties to be nonconsensual or discriminatory, the matter will be referred to the Title IX Coordinator in accordance with the University’s Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Sexual and Interpersonal Violence policy, EWU Policy 402-01.

University members are cautioned that consensual romantic and/or sexual relationships may result in claims of sexual harassment because the voluntariness of the consent may be questionable due to the power differential that exists between employees and students and between supervisors and employees.

Applicability: This policy pertains to all employees and students of Eastern Washington University. Purpose Eastern Washington University is committed to providing a living, learning, and working environment that encourages professional relationships free of favoritism, abuses of power, and conflicts of interest.

University employees and students have an obligation to promote the university’s interests by fostering an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect within the university community.

This inherent power differential makes such relationships vulnerable to exploitation and claims of exploitation.

If a sexual harassment complaint is subsequently filed, the complaint will be investigated regardless of whether the relationship has, at any point, been characterized as consensual.\ 3-1.

Where such a relationship exists, the person in the position of greater authority must: 3-2.No person may be appointed, assigned, or otherwise placed into a position that would create a violation of this policy.This includes persons who have been, are presently in, or are pursuing an intimate, romantic, and/or sexual relationship.The intent of this policy is to support the university’s mission and interests by eliminating situations where there exists a supervisory or evaluative function between persons who are involved in, have been involved in, or are pursuing an intimate, sexual or romantic relationship, whether casual or serious, short-term or long-term This policy does not apply to relationships involving a married couple or registered domestic partners Such relationships are governed by EWU Policy 901-05, Nepotism. Risks and Responsibilities Inherent to their positions, all university employees accept responsibility to avoid any apparent or actual conflict of interest between their professional responsibilities and their personal relationships.Intimate, romantic and/or sexual relationships between employees and students or between supervisors and subordinates pose potential risks to the parties involved, other people, and the university.

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