Sexline numbers

Adams had at the time, along with Steve Drake and Stacey Donovan been hired by Cinderella Distributors, run by Brickman and Ingalls.Atlantic lobster fishermen in need of financial help got quite a surprise Tuesday when they were directed to a toll-free number that was supposed to detail an aid package but which connected them to a lusty sex line instead. The correct number for Atlantic lobster fishermen to call is 1-877-525-7466.Nina Hartley was born Marie Louise Hartman on March 11, 1959, in Berkeley, California.

The package also includes million to help fishermen develop and implement long-term-sustainability plans, which would include retiring licences to ease the pressure on the fishery. "It don't sound very good."The hotline — one of five for Atlantic Canada and Quebec — is supposed to offer details about a short-term assistance program for lobster fishermen that Shea announced this summer.The service offers to link callers with a credit card to "nasty girls" with "the hottest action.""We're not exactly sure where the error occurred, but we know it was just a typo and we regret it and we corrected it immediately," Cantin said from Ottawa. The minister said million will go toward short-term transitional aid for harvesters hardest hit by the low prices and will likely be based on a percentage of how much they lost in revenues compared to their catches last year.He/she did actually use real phone sex numbers, regardless of how they were changed.But ultimately this is a lot more funny than it is serious, especially coming from a developer with the word “naughty” in its name.

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