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They have stopped thinking about their needs, their goals and their own happiness.All of their energy is spent on trying to win back the one they fell in love with.They will go to great lengths to isolate you from friends, family and other sources of support.Once a relationship with a Narcissist ends, most victims are left with the enormous task of weaving through all the lies and the abuse and building themselves back up.

Most people recognize that relationships end for all sorts of reasons.Everything has become your fault and you cannot ever please them despite your best efforts.The closer you try to get to them the further they pull away.They’ve placed the Narcissist so high up on a pedestal, that even crumbs of their affections and attention are better than nothing at all.A Narcissist doesn’t like to throw away any sources of supply, so they will continue to play this game with you indefinitely.

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    Her OCD had forced her into seclusion, isolation, and painful 4 hour ritualistic decontamination showers and had even left her unable to touch those she loves.