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The two families were spotted riding coasters like Radiator Springs Racers, Soarin’ and Matterhorn Bobsleds among others.

The kids snacked on churros and were treated to lightsaber toys after riding the Star Tours ride.

But Bullock‘s rep told PEOPLE at the time that the duo were not secretly planning a wedding.

“Sandra Bullock is not engaged and there is no wedding,” said the actress’s rep.

While you may only desire to support your boyfriend, your chivalrous intent may be mistaken as a hostile attack and may make the situation worse.

Even if you don't always agree with, or even like your boyfriend's ex, her children may hold her near and dear to their hearts.

Only Coulter’s dating life would become controversial and social media is losing its mind! “Ann is a good friend and I enjoy our conversations,” Walker said. Truth be told, at the TV Land Awards she was probably just using me to get to Greg Brady!!!!

Avoid falling into heated discussions with your boyfriend's ex, or jumping in-between their arguments.In many situations, it may be normal for a man to cut ties with his ex after a breakup.Dating someone with children, however, opens up several scenarios that may not be immediately apparent to someone without children.If you feel that the relationship that your boyfriend shares with his ex is inappropriate, feel free to voice your concerns over their relationship.While calling to discuss the well-being of their children is a normal and acceptable behavior, it may not be acceptable in your relationship for your boyfriend to call his ex to talk about his day or confide information about your own relationship to her.

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